Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blog Camp 2 @ Delhi - Experience

The Blog camp-2 organized by IBNMS was an enriching experience that gave me new thoughts to ponder over. I was at the venue at about 11:00 AM , just in time before the session on 'Using new media for maximizing brand visibility: case studies' by Meena began. Meena who is Head External Communications, HCL Technologies explained how she started the 'employee first customer second campaign' that spread through slide share presentation and other relatively free social media and gained popularity. This session, I felt did not get the 'WOW' factor, which was there in the next session by Mr Madhavan (Associate Editor, Hindustan Times). His topic of discussion was 'What blogs mean to mainstream media, and what mainstream media means to blogs' where he mentioned some very useful points about blogging and traditional media, although I have my reservations on a few things he said. The Q and A, which followed after his comprehensive session was also interesting. I got my chance too.My first question to him was about the future of micro payments, which he said he was skeptical about. On learning about his blog later, I wouldn't have asked that question since he has already talked about it there. Now came the second one and before I began Ajay called a time-out but thanks to Madhavan the query was entertained. Since he is at a very senior position in Hindustan Times I wanted to know about the restrictions in traditional media and recent ranting by Vir and the leaving of Mr Raju Narisetti. He wonderfully answered the question by saying that editing for one person maybe censorship for other. Although he evaded(rightfully, I too would have done the same) the 'Vir and Raju' issue and said he wouldn't comment on it.

I also met my senior in college Abhishek who has started this fabulous website Trouble Fixers that fixes your computer troubles without any cost.

After these two sessions was a wonderful lunch and because of some other important work I had to come back home after that. All in all the camp was good.
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