Sunday, October 12, 2008

BarCamp Delhi 5

BarCamp Delhi 5 was held at the sprawling campus of IIT Delhi on 11th and 12th october. Due to some personal appointments I was unable to attend but just made it for the last hour of sessions on entrepreneurship on the 12th. My apologies to my subsctribers for not being able to cover the whole event. The good thing about this BarCamp was the sponsors. Last year, the BarCamp 4 was held at the Amity University Campus at Noida. Bar Camp is a place where entrepreneurs come, share and discuss about their experience. For people like me it is a chance to have an idea about what is happening in the developer sphere and what are the start ups doing, since I too am interested to start my own business. Another positive this time around was that it was not a tech-tech start up focus, there were people from start-ups from the service and finance sector as well. I see it as a platform where a group of young innovators meet in an informal setup, share ideas and discuss about their problems. It gives me a sense of pleasure when I see such camps happening in India as I firmly believe we are a land of innovators. If you are looking forward to be at the next bar camp keep a watch on the BarCamp website and the BarCamp wiki page.

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