Friday, January 23, 2009

Is Mint in trouble ?

Is HT Mint in trouble ? Firstly it was the pressure on news media by recession, which resulted in some ambitious projects being halted. What followed was a controversy caused by an article "letter to PM" published in mint, that resulted in the expulsion of Raju Narisetti as the editor in chief. The latest blow comes from Vir Sanghvi, who criticizes HT Mint of being hypocrites. He writes in his blog
So why am I stopping the column?

It's quite simple. I will not write for a publication that censors its columnists and denies them the right to free speech while writing long, impassioned pieces about the freedom to criticize others from the Prime Minister downwards. All of us exhibit double standards to some degree. But Mint's hypocrisy takes my breath away. Read

Meanwhile Monika Halan, the former editor of outlook money resigned because of the intrusion of management into the edit section and her unhappiness over the awards.

Looking at the disappointment of many journos over the intrusive management, I think the time is right for them to start a journal that contains uncensored and free thoughts. Remember the story of Lamborghini.