Monday, December 29, 2008

Jiah Khan leads, Asin trails

This is not my personal opinion, it is the voice of Google sultanate. Jiah Khan, despite being over powered by the strategies of Aamir Khan and Asin's dominance in the promotion of Ghajini, she has come over and above Ghajini and its "Star Power" to win the vote of the internet user.

In my opinion, the vote swung in favour of Jiah, more because of her hot maxim photo shoot (see below) rather than the mound of star power and deliberate drowning. But it could be the other way also. The harder you throw a ball, the more it bounces back, newton's third law. That could be the case also. What matters is popularity. I guess the producers should give a serious thought to these results as they could be useful for casting in future. Another interpretation of these stats can be on a curiosity index. People want to know more about Jiah Khan and her role in Ghajini since she has been kept under the wraps,they simply want to see more of her. It is next to impossible to nail down a specific cause with the Indian janta. Let it be the hung assembly of Jammu and Kashmir or the Delhi elections.

"Hotness: Mild"

Do not confuse this with the hotness of Jiah Khan. Sometimes, few sentences at the wrong places give an entirely different angle to the analysis.

An interesting thing is that between 12 and 6 PM there was peak and 2 more after 6 PM. What can you infer ? The lazy males have logged on to internet in the evening and are having a visual treat or the curious ones want to know more before they put their drop of money into the ocean of Ghajini's earnings. The related searches show that Asin and Ghajini's cast were searched far less than the queen of Ghajini,Jiah. And what about Aamir? well it seems too many males are dominating. Lets take this a bit further. Most of the searches have come from Bangalore and Chennai. Asin is a popular actress in the south and has won filmfare awards for the best actress in Telugu and Tamil films.So she is already popular there. That gives the curiosity factor more credibility. In the end it is all about moolah and a future for the ones trying to gain foothold. For Jiah Khan, this could be a morale booster.