Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tata Sky Plus and Iphone strategy

Tata Sky’s new Tata SKY Plus is a classic example of how new technology is launched all over the world. Iphone, by Apple was similar example, where they first launched the basic version of the product, which had a very high style quotient and then later launched improved versions with better features and fewer bugs and finally reduced the costs of their product too. The same was done to Ipod.

Tata Sky is the undisputed leader in the DTH service in India and DISH TV and the newly launched Airtel’s DTH have a long way. Innovative technology has a market and if your technology is good then your product is bound to be successful. Tata Sky initially launched the multiple angles viewing of cricket matches, another first for the Indian television. Their introductory package included this with other utility features such as the Activ News and Horoscopes, giving the viewer a complete value for money. Now as time progressed and the sales of Tata Sky almost reached a saturation level, they have introduced the PLUS where you can pause, record and play your favorite program. The question here that they have left unanswered is that how much of this can be done, since the memory of the system is limited.

Looking at their marketing, their ads have been a cut above all other advertisements of other DTH services such as Airtel and DISH TV. Airtel’s ads are high in emotional quotient and appeal to the emotions of their viewers. If you give a closer look to the A R Rahman’s ad, it was also high in emotions. This form of advertising has been good and made Airtel a very powerful brand, despite higher call rates than its competitors. On the other hand, Tata Sky’s ads have the wit and the power of a powerful brand ambassador, Amir Khan. It makes them very sharp and appealing to the general public. The ads now have included the hot Gul Panag, who simply has had a huge image makeover from the girl next door to a hot property.

Tata Sky Plus is an excellent product, something, which is already being used by nations in the west. Looking at the future of Tata Sky Plus, it is still ages ahead of the other DTH services, but it will have to keep up with the pace and the forces of recession and inflation to keep its sales high.