Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ghajini - earns 32 crore on first day

You've heard it right. Ghajini, the copy of a Tamil movie, or a remix of a Tamil movie has been branded and is now selling like hot cakes with free gold biscuits. Ghajini earned Rs 32 crore on the first day at Box Office. Singh is Kinng lost to it by a mile and if you compare the King Shahrukh's movie Rab ne Bana Di Jodi, you'll see an old man running in a 100 meter race who has just managed to run the first 10 meters. Like the USAIN BOLT of Box office collections with Ghajini, Aamir Khan has proved that he is the best atleast for now, whether it is quality cinema (Taare Zameen Par) or Masala Vada type cinema like Ghajini.

The thing, I want to discuss here is that 32 crores were actually spent by the Indian public on one day. Two weeks ago, they spent 10 crores on the first day of Rab ne Bana Di Jodi. That becomes 42 crores in 2 days, which is 21 crores per day. Now if three shows are running per day, this comes out to be 7 crores per show and roughly 2.33 crores per hour for entertainment of the same kind and type. Now who says we are in a recession. Who says we need fiscal stimulus for moving forward. And did I hear job cuts and cost cutting measures. This all sounds too contradictory, but it is true. I don't want to say that in difficult times you should not watch movies, but what I want to say is that if you package your product properly (Like Ghajini), market it well and work hard (Like the 8 packs of Aamir) , you are bound to earn moolah even in recession. That's where Aamir (12th pass) teaches a valuable lesson to our highly qualified (MBA's) failing corporates. Another example of good packaging is Tata Sky Plus. Good branding and a creative ambassador. Thats the way out of recession.