Monday, May 4, 2009

Lets pack our bags

Damn! Only 48% was the voter turn out in Mumbai despite hell falling over it in November 2008. Do we have the right to blame, think again. I am highly dissapointed at this shameless show of hypocrisy by the financial capital of India. I look back at the face of new India, which I saw in the wake of the Mumbai Terror attacks and although the unfortunate incident took place, I saw a united India full of conviction.
What right do we have to blame those who misuse power, exploit us, eat our hard earned money or incite violence. I was shocked to see a superstar who took part in lead India campaign urging people to vote and herself did not vote.
I recently saw "Mumbai Meri jaan" based on the lives of the men after the Mumbai serial bombings that took place on 11th july 2006. Watching the movie, I felt the pain of those who went through the agony of being the innocent victims.
The efforts of the independents is waste if we don't show our support towards their bold initiative. I somehow believe that the big problems of recession, global instability, food security and environment can also be solved by taking the small step of voting.
India is today strategically placed to solve the crises the world faces because of the sheer strength of population and the geopolitical situtation.
If our own fellow Indians won't go out and vote, maybe a time will come when we would have to pack our bags and leave. Please don't let that happen.