Sunday, May 24, 2009

IPL Final 2- Royal Challengers v/s Deccan Chargers -Their Journey so far

IPL Final : The second version of IPL, IPL-2, was more fun, controversy and drama. Even before the beginning, the shift of venue to South Africa created a lot of controversy. Apart from the slap given by Bhajji to Sree last year, this year was a controversy ++. A "++" sign in programming languages is used to increment the variable by one.

The team with the highest brand value added an extra brand, know as the Fake IPL player to its kitty. The Kolkatta Knight Riders brand was valued at a staggering USD 22 million. Now count the zeroes in that figure and those on the KKR scoreboard.

Coming to the IPL-2 grand finale, the two teams that have managed to swim above the rest truly deserve the spot. The Deccan Chargers had a fantastic opening 4 games but then got lost somewhere but punched back in time to make the cut. On paper, it was and still is a deadly team. Gilly swishes the first ten and Symmo bulldozes the next ten. If somewhere anybody misses, Rohit Sharma is there to take care.

The next challenger for the IPL-2 trophy sets an excellent example. I wrote in a previous past (Big Money, Big Lesson), the over-burderning power of big money. The day KP, the prized kid of Rotal Challengers left the team, its fortunes changed overnight. KP played the role of a rich spoilt kid. The last match he played in which he got out playing a reckless reverse sweep is an indicator of that. He behaved like the overpaid top management official of a bankrupt company. They just give you nothing. The low profile stars of Royal Challengers have woven a team, the fabric of which brought the curtains down for Chennai Super Kings.

The IPL-2 final will be a battle between a star studded team of big hitters, The Deccan Chargers and a woven team of battle hardened individuals. The game will be a stunner and the perfect finish to a forum of Cricket,Team spirit, glamour, money and controversy.