Friday, February 6, 2009

Big Money, big lesson

Today might go down in history as a day when big big money was spent on a select few while others were trying to live on 100($14.63) yuan a week. Freddie and KP managed to fetch $1.55 million each for 3 weeks of work. Recession, salary cuts, millions of job losses,US stimulus package debate...Err Is this true ??? But the bigger set back was for the pup(Michael Clarke). He was reserved for a base price of $1 million, which Mr IPL (IPL chief commissioner-Lalit Modi) said nobody was willing to offer. So to avoid humiliation pup (future Australian captain) decided to rest, atleast for the media. Now thats what I call a hay day layoff and a high ego. Anyways unemployed youth like me are more than happy to write about such tea time gossip.

The western world meanwhile was bickering about the bail out stimulus package when Michael Phelps the marijuana swimmer got kellogged. IPL was giving money and Olympic champ was to have none of it. Kelloggs said that it would not renew the contract with phelps as his behaviour was not consistent with Kelloggs image. I sometimes feel that brand endorsers are like boyfriends to those airy fairies. Thats a lot of cereal for a 23 year old abnormally built god gifted person maiming world records as if he were eating kebabs. My health would make me a perfect brand ambassador of a punjabi dhabba with a menu of dal malkhani,tandoori Chicken, kebab...Any takers?? Seems like too many overweight endorsers have already applied.

Today's event are a reminder of one thing, that one big lesson. What holds true for one aircraft (person/case) may or maynot hold true for another. Sully Sullenberger who managed to successfully ditch the US airways jet liner last month in Hudson river was the first such instance of a success. Before that, ditching a plane meant lots of lives lost and practically all. Now an Australian guy has done that, but that doesn't mean pilots start doing it, although lessons can be learned. So being that million buck guy could be a rare chance as in the case of a ditched plane and doing it might be perfecting an art, but if does not happen as in normal circumstances, better you adopt a safer approach-After all some money is better than no money (Wotsay Pup ?).
And looking at the money generators across the world freezing(Not as in UK) in a cold recession, IPL could face the crunch and might join the list of companies in this(Who Hired All the People Getting Laid Off?) bandwagon.