Sunday, April 26, 2009

Preity Zinta splits with Ness Wadia

This could be said as the IPL 2's first major casualty and probably the Kings XI Punjab is a jinxed team. I.P.L season 1 had the sreesanth - Harbhajan spat and now its another break up. On the other end Rajasthan Royal's co-owner Shilpa is making merry with Raj Kundra and probably their marriage is on the cards. IPL 2 has had another dose of masala apart from the Whacking batting I've seen in the past few days. The split between Ms Dimple and Ness was confirmed by an email sent to Kings XI Punjab team by preity.

Woah! We just share a professional relationship now.

On the other hand the two of the most expensive players of the tournaments have disappointed too. About $3.1 million have simply been overburdening for them or probably have given critics (Charu Sharma) a chance to take a dig. Charu Sharma - remember the last year's drama. When the structures get too big, the normal engineering principles don't work. The same goes to money. The bigger the money, the bigger the lesson.