Monday, February 16, 2009

Single Awareness Day

SAD - Single Awareness Day.
Valentines day, gifts and sene - a perfect cocktail for headache, extra smoking, chicken tandoori and less booze. Yes, I wrote it right, 'less of booze'. My V-day started as a friendship reunion day as I met an old neighbour of mine and we discussed about our career and recession. It was all ok when at 6 PM I realized that I had eaten nothing, and just had too much of tea and cigarette. The side effects of a smoke filled day were clear in the evening. To add salt to my wounds was a cousin who after 3 V-day dates made me wait in an overcrowded CP after an exhausting day. My waiting period coupled with headache made the word 'single' bang my head a thousand times. I was sitting outside Mc Donalds in CP and the aching expression got the spotlight on me when I least wanted it. The first reaction came from a cute looking girl who nodded her head and made an expression that suggested she felt bad about my state. Her thought at that point of time could have been, 'Poor baby, his GF left him'. Such reactions followed. They came from all kinds of people- from amazing looking foreigners, school girls and even from aunties. Amidst all this drama came my cousin Casanova with 3 dates to his name; as if a date meant a medal of honour to him. Well, it did added insult to my injury.
The bomb shell was the queue to the loo at Mc Donalds. If you are in a state of emergency and outside the loo is a long queue that you can't escape, you just curse your fortune. On top of it when you reach the loo, the previous guy has not flushed his crap. Damn!
The relief came when a poor chicken was killed to satisfy my aspirations to have tandoori chicken. Also came daal,roti,paneer and Whiskey. It was tough to drink even a small peg since the Single Awareness Day had simply overstretched me to a point of no drinking.
The day definitely became a forgettable day but the unforgiving part was the tattoo of singleness that came along with it.
I hope you had a good V-day. As I thought it to be in my previous post (Valentine's day gossip), it became my D-day.Moreover the Facebook Captcha proved to be true.
The next post is going to be about a secret of Amar Singh that I and possibly you didn't know. Until then stay connected.