Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's day gossip

With the valentines day approaching the thought - political maniacs going in the streets and beating couples makes me petrified of the fact that if I am spotted with a girl on the V-day, I might just be beaten black and blue and it might become my D-day. And the first timers trying their hand at dating might just stay at home with their family- poor virgins. There is one MP who has given a positive response. Maybe the fact that he has daughters makes his softer on the radical agenda or maybe his female fans. A female fan recently said to him “I love you, Laluji. You have a unique style. I would like to meet you somewhere,”. SOMEWHERE!!!-But where?? Hmmm... Now thats what I call an astute politician.
Another lover who came out in the open was the male muscle of Dostana-John. John Abraham went on record and said that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is the sexiest woman by eons and light years and he would love her to death. I wonder what poor Robert might be thinking. It's sometimes best not to have a pretty wife. Arbaaz Khan is another poor victim of his own desire.
But some people have wooed their babes by buying out cricket teams. Raj Kundra brought 12% stake in IPL team Rajasthan Royals for Big Brother's sister Shilpa Shetty. His spendings- $15.4million (around Rs 75 crore). - Love is blind is a euphemism for such platinum spoon sons willing to shell xxx money out for a flop out of business actress.
Media too is cooking a fairy tale in a thorny recession. A picture of Barkha and Prannoy Roy is creating ripples in media sphere. Sometimes the Indian masses (and classes) have a tendency to stretch a thing for too long.
That makes me feel drowsy and take a turn to our nuclear partners. Michael Phelps- that god gifted strangely human kid who won a staggering number of Gold Medals in Beijing and Greece has a pic published smoking a Marijuana Bong. Woah! What a healthy diet. But the leader of the "Yes we can clan" (Barack Hussein Obama) too admitted that he tried drugs as a teen. Is it a tried and tested approach or what ? Maybe Michael Phelps is in the running for the president elections; he might beat his older suit bosses by miles. Obama has also come again in the news for a weight loss comment on Jessica Simpson-The babe who became too heavy. Obama's star power can well take a U-turn on this.
Thats it for today's gossip. Keep reading for more such gossip.