Thursday, January 8, 2009

Scouting for petrol

Oil Shortage

The trucker's strike has created a lot of mess in Delhi. Today I was on my way to work at around 2:00 to same place in CP where I had suffered a parking problem a few days back. I was prepared to meet the same set of people and had left early in their anticipation. But today came another rude shock. My buggy was low on fuel and I thought of getting its tank filled up on my way. The first petrol pump had a barricaded entrance. Well Ok! There might be some problem. But on seeing the same barricades outside the second one, I began to realize the implications of the ganged up truckers. Now the thought of being stranded with a decade old buggy with no fuel crossed my mind.
Even if I reach, how will I come back ? As these doubts came to my mind I encountered a traffic jam at a point where it was least expected. As I took my patient breaths to reduce the panic, I found the oasis of oil where people had jammed up; A petrol pump with petrol. Having no option I too joined the train of buggies low on fuel. After that it was smooth sailing and none of those ego bubbling baboons.

It is sad how a country, an emerging super power seems so weak against the demands of people who gang up, whether regional parties or some associations. I don't really know who is right here; the truckers or the government, but I along with millions of others are suffering.