Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Parking misery

Today had another frustrating hour, one of those endless ones I spend here in Delhi. I happened to go to CP (a crowded place in Delhi) for some official work with an appointment at 3 PM. In punctuality I wouldn't be the person to look up to but I managed to reach the place at 2:50, 10 minutes well in advance in my 1999 Maruti buggy. But those minutes of advance planning proved to be too little on a road of babus and baboons.

I genuinely feel most people in Delhi lack general traffic sense and making the road as their private property gives them a big ego boost. One such person was driving a zen in front of my buggy who simply left his car in the middle of the road, already narrowed by the miles of cars parked alongside, like garbage littered near the dumps. He stopped his car in the middle,gave the keys to one of his chamchas who again took his time in taking the car out of the way. Meanwhile a long line of unwanted people like me were honking and getting frustrated.

To add to my woes was another baboon who had stopped his car in the middle and was waiting for his master to arrive; again keeping me and the janta behind me waiting. The result was that I was late by 20 minutes and my work was delayed till 5 PM. The worst part is that you can't do a shit about such people.They do it and will keep doing it. WTF!
Uff! Ab kya karen, yehi hai India meri jaan.