Monday, January 5, 2009

Last warning !!!

War Mongering

When this billboard (or similar) gets put up in your city(I hope not), it is time you collect your cash, sell your property and run away as fast as possible. Unfortunately this has been the story for many cities countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and now Gaza. Recently Israel has been attacking the Gaza strip killing scores of people, taking revenge for the bloodshed caused by Hamas in Israel as a result of prolonged terror attacks. I've been a strong proponent of these attacks but now I feel I am mistaken. India's situation is somewhat similar, the only difference is that our reaction is an indicator of the noises created by empty vessels. But I care a damn of who makes the right noises and who speaks the better English or Urdu. I want to live peacefully. I want Pakistanis to live and live happily in their own country and let me live in mine. If another Israel-Gaza happens between India and Pakistan (the nuclear touch), nobody will ever live in peace. So friends, lets have fun with 3 Bs-Beer,Babes and Beach.