Thursday, December 11, 2008

Support the Indian Army on Facebook

A cause to support the Indian Army has been started on Facebook. While such causes are genuinely required at the international level, creating awareness among ourselves helps too. There are hate campaigns, Love campaigns and senseless campaigns too. With over 7500 members, when I last checked.The aim of this campaign is two fold.

  1. World wide Support for Indian Army
  2. Awareness amongst fellow countrymen

There might be overwhelming number of supporters for this cause in future but the exceptions can't be ruled out.I'll be searching for such exceptions on the social networks and if you find some please comment.
But there are few people, one like the BOSS, who have a negative perception about such things. I managed to reconcile with BOSS after the sting operation. All it took were some sweets to satisfy his black hole like stomach. BOSS says that it is impossible to curb corruption and terrorism and says, "Tum Bachchalog itna mat uchlo " (You kinds, Don't jump around).
"It is all to silence this people movement". BOSS adds , "In my government service I too did this. It is a waste of time "
As the sweets were over, BOSS then told me to get out of his house and never repeat the sting operation. (He is unaware of the post I've put).
Anyways, you can go ahead to support the cause. Forget BOSS. He is a crazy old man.