Thursday, December 4, 2008

All India Peoples Movement

Today, more than 1 lakh people gathered near the Gateway of India in Mumbai and organized a rally, a sign of protest against all those responsible for the terror attacks, not only in Mumbai, but all over India. Such rallies, on smaller scales could be seen all over India (more in metros) and the images were being telecast on almost all news channels. As I watched these images, at around 8:15 PM, I felt the need to join the protest in Delhi, but sadly couldn't find one. In the end at 11 pm, after contacting, Hindustan Times, India today and TV today, I, with my supportive friend Deepak, were standing outside the central park in CP. We decided to light the candles near a tree and with the help of a local guard, managed to light few candles and offer our homage to the people who lost their lives and their families. In the end, it gave me and friend huge satisfaction and finally we decided to leave a note, and with nothing more than the envelope of an invitation to the annual function of a school to write on, we wrote our message "No To Terror". Lets pray that such acts of terror do not happen again and we as a nation stay united, as we are today to flush out the anti-social elements of the society. A message by a protestor at the Gateway of India, I think best sums up the mood of people in India. He said, that he was ready to die fighting a war on terrorism, with Pakistan (The aide of terror) than die dining with his family in a hotel.

Pictures of our protest outside the central park CP.