Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Alternative career choices for 5 Indian celebrities

Statutory Warning : You might just fall asleep or have a nervous breakdown while reading this post

The one interesting thing that happened today was a comment by possibly a Pakistani, who called me a stupid for calling the Pakistan PM a joker in a previous post and suggested an alternative career for me.
Better you sell sing outside a bus stop or railway stations rather than posting your meaningless scraps here.
I was watching Fantastic 5 on MTV today and Cyrus Sahukar (the anchor), shared 5 alternative careers for 5 "celebs" including Shilpa Shetty, Raja Choudhary, Irfan Pathan,Upen Patel & Subhash Ghai.
I have my own list of five celebrities, who have performed abysmally and I strongly feel that they need to search for an alternative career, for the betterment of everybody.

  • 1. Rakhi Sawant : This twat has now become a sore in the eye and a pain in the ear. Its advisable to press the mute button on TV when she is on air, and those implants of her occupying maximum screen space. Enough about Rakhi now. The alternative career she can choose is to be a teacher in the school for deaf and blind. The deaf or blind or both will want to get out of the school to have a better company. seems lame haa... just like Rakhi
  • 2. Rahul Dravid : I would not like to write him off completely but yes, he needs to start early looking for an alternate option, else he might not even get the goodbye that Ganguly managed. I’d suggest he join as an executive in Kissan or other Jam making company. Brand endorser free with a manager in recession would be good deal.
  • 3. Raj Thackeray : After his attention gathering stint he has only become a kid trying to play with fire and caught in a bad situation. The Mumbaikars might just beat him up if they see him on the road. As an alternate career he can become the gardener (His cleaning skills are good) in his own lawn as it is too risky for him to work outside his premises.
  • 4. Barkha Dutt : This news anchor has been facing a lot of flak from quite a few people, from all quarters for her insensitivity to the victims and her role in the terror attacks that helped the terrorists kill more hostages(Speculated claim). She has also been condemned as the images of her location, when broadcast on TV, helped the Pakistani forces to destroy an artillery platform and kill three Indian soldiers.She has some supporters like Shobhaa De too. For an alternate career, she can become a teacher at a journalism school and teach the students, what not to do in journalism.
  • 5. Subhash Ghai : There is just a one liner for him. “Quit ASAP”. He can join hands with Ekta Kapoor and not necessarily change his field. Times have been hard for Ekta, with her two torturing serials wasting more than an hour of airtime. He can help better that record, or even better, worsen it.

I hope you guys don’t have to go through more of such silly stuff by me in future. This is lame; if I’ve bored you, check out other cooler stuff. Today has been a sleepy day, worsened by the pollution and smog in Delhi. I am planning to take a short sabbatical from blogging to refresh my thoughts and get over with the mist of terrorism and Elections.