Sunday, December 7, 2008

A prank call,a foolish guy

It's rather strange that a country's top minister was made to look like a fool, act like a joker in the international arena. He let down a billion people(of Pakistan), who “elected” him, to head a democracy by the so called “people's” party. A prank caller called him and said, “I’m Pranab, you better act fast, else we’ll attack you”. It took this much for Pakistan to start their act consisting of an elected army of jokers, like a cracker that bursts as it is lighted. Now consider the competence and the intelligence of the person who is known for his playboy reputation and his ability to handle a crisis that has developed with (or without) his involvement. I feel sorry for him and his country of tatterdemalions with their fanatic and irresponsible behavior. They just seem to have gone too far, after they crossed the threshold in 1965. As for poor Pranab, and the other congressmen, they just prayed to their gods, before the media put their guns (their microphone and cameras) to rest (else another resignation would have been on the cards).

Pranab Mukherjee, the overworked congress person, acted sensibly and said that such stories were to only confuse the public and divert the attention from the core issue.

Such a plot could make a blockbuster story. A war broke out between two nations, an unknown phone call that triggered, and a foreign minister behind it, all to save an election. Doesn’t seem all that fake, considering the actions of Indira Gandhi after she lost the case in Allahabad high court for misusing the government machinery for the election campaign, and finally her seat declared as null and void. Congress could have used such a ploy, had the anger and protests of the civilians gone out of hand and ultimately the dictatorship, supported by the upper middle class be used (misused).

Currently, the situation is more in favour of India, except the fact that they have the nuclear weapon (Brahmastra) too, which is the only hurdle in a full fledged war. Even I am not in favour of war. Just destroy them(Pakistani terrorists) economically and that’s their end. They’ll end up killing themselves like Zimbabwe and one day, they might cease to exist, crushed under their own sins. As far as the deserving and moderates are concerned, Pakistan was always be our part and we’ll help them too as art and cultures know no boundaries and their free flow should be allowed.