Saturday, December 20, 2008

Aahh... A Dravidian knock

"Rahul Dravid has finally struck form".These were the lines that were flashing on almost every news channel as he scored a fifty after a million ducks. No I don't want to be cynical but he has just gone back to his old formula. Gautam Gambhir, who is considered more aggressive than Virendra Sehwag (By Viru humself, a modest confession) did not do any favours either. A lack luster day on the first day of the second test at Mohali. Although the play stopped short by 18 overs and the winters made the day even longer, the former estranged captain never seemed to get out of sleep. It was when the bowlers dozed off, he decided to go for a few shots(His classic cuts). I know fans of Rahul Dravid reading this would have their canons pointing towards me by now. You can call your shots once I am safe in a bunker (Rahul's way). It's good he has found form, but it is bad that his finding of form is being portrayed as if the world has just jumped back from recession and a billion jobs opportunities have been created. A few days earlier, I had suggested an alternative career for Rahul. Maybe he'll still need one even after a century. Well can't say and all of you with a canon in hand, keep your fingers crossed; he might just score a double ton. I'll be glad to come under fire then.
While the story of Sourav Ganguly's comeback refuses to die down as Dada's mentor is busy scoring brownie points or wash his stains, the story of another contract for retirement may just be brought alive.