Friday, June 10, 2016

Is Google certification important for a career in Digital Marketing?

A lot of people will encourage you to get a Google certification to build a career in Digital Marketing. In my experience as a digital marketing professional, I've rarely seen a certification by Google as a criteria for hiring managers.

I was reading through a few answers on a Quora thread about the importance of getting a Google certification (Adwords, Analytics etc.) for building a career in digital marketing. Almost 90% of people said that it was important.

I have a slightly difference point of view on this subject. To have a career in digital marketing, you need to understand digital marketing - which means having a strong working knowledge on various platforms (not just Google), have a good understanding of marketing (fundamentals of marketing haven’t changed), and have a strong hold of analytics.

Google certification can help you grasp some of these concepts. Facebook has Facebook blue print, which is the learning management system of Facebook. If you get a chance, work as an intern or with an agency and get a hands on experience of digital marketing. Hiring criteria -> aptitude + analytics. 

Digital is a very dynamic medium. It’s your grasp of marketing fundamentals and ability to stay updated that helps. Having worked on digital marketing projects works better rather than a certification. Most digital marketers have learned through experimentation. There is nothing better than a hands on experience.