Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Content Marketing - Launch of Tommy Hilfiger

In 1985, Tommy Hilfiger was launched through an ad campaign that practically made Tommy Hilfiger an overnight sensation in America. The ad showed a fill in the blank style list, which featured Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis and suggested that Tommy Hilfiger should be added to the list. The ad, which mortified Tommy finally went live including being shown at a Times Square Billboard.

This ad is a perfect example of great content. It generates curiosity, makes the consumer think and builds the right association. For a new brand, it was definitely bold and at the time did make Tommy uncomfortable so much so that he distanced himself from the ad.
1985 Tommy Hilfiger ad

Content has to be edgy and should make you uncomfortable. It is even more important in the age of digital where great content can spread very rapidly. Given the availability of media in 1985, the Tommy Hilfiger ad demonstrates how content can spread. At the time Tommy Hilfiger booked TV appearances and got millions of dollars of free advertising. On digital media this can be substituted with influencer engagement and virality in return.

P.S. Being uncomfortable does not mean being crazy or stupid.