Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Social TV

Social Media to a great extent has become a reflection of our offline lives. Although most of us are curating an identity on the social web, its elements contain a shade of our real self.

Our expressions on social media are shaped to a good extent by our offline experiences. One of these experiences is our rendezvous with Television.

Television programs, commercials and other content makes its way to websites such as YouTube and other content portals. This translates in to online discussions about the content and its actors.

It also provides a forum to discuss a program or an event before it is aired on Television. Online conversations contribute to what is being described as the second screen experience.

This has been termed as what is popularly known today as "Social TV". Social TV was termed by MIT Technology review as one of the most important upcoming technologies. Over 800 million strong in 2012 have created the digital dialogue we’ve come to know as Social TV.

Convergence on Social Media and Television has given rise to "Social TV". It has been estimated that more than 50% of brand word of mouth on internet is due to Television.

Studies have pointed out that approximately 43% of people follow a TV program on a companion mobile device. Most of these conversations at present have been restricted to Twitter and other public forums.

3 times more social media activity in Super Bowl 2013 (30+ million conversations) that in 2012

This presents marketers a unique opportunity to use the potential of Social TV in multiple ways.
Check out this detailed presentation on Social TV that describes its potential and implications for marketers.