Thursday, December 12, 2013

Selfie at funeral - Being Human or being inappropriate?

Barack Obama's selfie at Nelson Mandela's memorial caught on camera may have hit his image in a wrong way, especially when in politics image is the king. While there are blogs dedicated to shame people who indulge in selfies at funerals, this over the top negative reaction towards such selfies is pushing it a bit too far.

On the positive side, the selfie is with British and danish prime ministers on the memorial of a man who stood for freedom. The media also derived many meanings out of the handshake of Barack Obama with Mr. Castro.

The netizen also perhaps understands this and appreciates the "human" aspect of such leaders. They relate more to such leaders as there is a greater connect. Although I don't support being inappropriate, this action is still in the grey zone.

Henrik writes, "come on; they are in a soccer stadium with a crowd of 90k people, it's a long day in the stadium, of course they can have 2 minutes with some fun, it's not in anyway disrespect to NM, I'm certain he would appreciate this moment as being a moment of powerful people relaxing and showing a very human side, thumps up, more of that please !"

Similarly, Marie writes, "I still love him, he is true Man .not Hypocrisy". While some have criticized this action and on a lighter side have blamed on the blue eyes of the Danish prime minister, Nelson Mandela's memorial should be a cause for celebration. Such acts should not be blown out of proportion.