Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Can you build credibility through social media?

Social Media is magic.

Social Media marketers are magicians.

And we live in an era of scientific reasoning!

In a discussion on social media and its usage for businesses, a corporate communication head asked a very interesting question - How can you build credibility on social media?

His perspective was interesting and appreciable since there isn't much that has been done for corporate brands especially on platforms like Facebook relative to the amount of work done on product brands. This can be attributed to the high risk involved on social media and stock price fluctuations closely tied to the strength of corporate brand.

But on a second thought it also made me appreciate the over hyped importance of social media that has been built by technology companies and their bloated valuations. At the end of the day Social Media is just another form of media with the only major difference being the "social" aspect of it.

As far as my learning goes, credibility is built through actions. It is not something that you would shout about from the top of a cliff and acquire.

Who would trust a random dude shouting he is a great painter unless he makes a great painting. And even then it would not be enough - Consistency in actions will be required.

Social Media can communicate credibility but cannot really build one.