Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Being nice ain't that great for your pay!

A study has found a that young men in the United States who are cooperative and value relationships earn 20 percent less than their peers. The study has been conducted by Timothy A. Judge of the University of Notre Dame. If you indulge in opportunism and do not value relationships, it is highly likely that you are earning 20 percent less than your equally talented opportune colleague. But do not get disappointed! I am not sure as to  whether this is mere correlation or there is a causality. It might indicate that work and relationships are two separate ball games. Goal oriented people are generally more successful at work. They also pay relatively less attention to relationships and are more henceforth more successful.

But, relationships are an important source of happiness in life. Being goal oriented would be important for your work life but not your personal life. After all what will you do with that extra 20 percent pay if your personal life suffers? Getting that extra pay and being happy requires the right balance of both.