Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 Blitz - #SwitchToLumia

It started with a simple tweet by Nokia. 
It wasn't going to be that simple considering the unveiling of Nokia Lumia 920 with the next phase of Windows phone comes a day after Apple announced its next-gen iPhone event on 12th Sept. 2012. It clearly seemed like a big day.

Nokia's social media blitz was on. With the campaign slowly building up, the blitz initially seemed to have lost steam with people questioning the lack of announcement dates and price points for the phone. Also rumors  due to a couple of claimed leaks about the phone were flooding the social media space. An interesting take away is the lack of control brands today have on social media. Controlling the brand narrative is important to make sure consumers get to hear brand's version of the story.

With this being touted as a "boom or bust" event for Nokia, they have come up with a phone that can make a dent in the market. The standout features of Nokia are 4.5-inch 720p display, wireless charging and a PureView camera with a 1080p HD camcorder. The camera comes with an optical image stabilization technology that allows you capture better pictures (see video below).

As the event went on with Stephen Elop, the CEO with Nokia unveiling the phone features and talking about the beautiful phone, twitter warmed up. By the time Steve Ballmer took on the stage #SwitchtoLumia was trending. The continuous seeding of information by Nokia apart from popular blogs and webcast about the event did the trick. While Nokia phones may have bit the dust in the last few years over the bludgeoning frigate of iPhone and Android phones, Nokia is still fresh in the memory.
Nokia's comeback in the world of smartphones will not be devoid of drama. The world loves drama and likes underdogs to rise. The recent outcome of the patent battle between Apple and Samsung also seems to have helped Nokia. With the entire world talking about it and the future of smartphone technology, Nokia Lumia 920 seems like a breath of fresh air.

A factor lacking in the event was "magnanimous". Apple and now Google seem to have made their events magnanimous adding to the narrative about the launch. It's that x-factor that probably comes into their DNA from their founders. The event thrills spills over to the launch of the brand. In contrast the Nokia Lumia launch seemed rather dull and unexciting. The exciting part is the battle of the smartphones and Nokia is up for it.
It will be interesting to see how it shapes up with the iPhone 5 being geared for launch next week. The launch although seems to have not gone too well with the investors with the share prices of Nokia plummeting by 14%.

It is still too early to tell!