Monday, March 12, 2012

When Facebook goes into the black and white world

A few days back I posted a link of my favorite scene from the academy award winning movie - The Artist. The scene was really remarkable and the best direction and screenplay I had scene in a movie for long time. In my offline discussions about the movie my colleagues too appreciated that scene. But as I posted it on Facebook it received a very limited response. The reason for this could be many and the first being that people avoid me, or my friend network was busy or they hadn't watched the movie. I silently accepted all three, but two to three days later, I started getting some "LIKES" on the update. Now I was curious. Trying not to appear narcissistic, I called up a friend to inquire about it to a friend who had liked it. He said, he found it today on his updates and he too liked the scene. He had also logged in on Facebook and used it for a good one hour in the last one week or so. Well that explains volumes about the time my friend wastes (or uses) on Facebook, it also tells me that the volume of Facebook updates from friends and Facebook pages are so huge that by the time it reaches your network, a few days have passed. It wasn't so an year back.
With increase in the number of "Friends" and Fan pages on Facebook, the limited time and space we have to get and process all the updates, Facebook is soon reaching a phase, where the time taken for you to get an update from a friend will increase. With limited time and space on the homepage, we only have two options - Either spend more time to read all updates, all screen out the less important ones (which Facebook is doing).
Slowly we are going to a pace of the black and white world, a world where things were slow. From being colorful and quick, we've reached a point where technology can no-longer make social media 100% social. Spouting and scouting in the online social world will no longer be 100% due to human limitations. In the age of 3D cinema and cutting edge graphics, The Artist is a movie that won six academy awards simply because the emotions expressed by art could effectively get into the hearts of viewers. The absence of dialogues and color although restricted tools available to express, but decreased  the barriers that could hinder the transfer of emotion. The online social world is built of the foundations of "SHARING". Current growth is limited by human limitations. It is impossible to have it all. Thus we are looking into a world where technology will facilitate human discretion. At the extreme it will give us a white world (what we need to do) and a black world (what we do not need to do).