Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Diwali - The significance

If New Year is about parties and resolutions, Diwali is about Gifts, crackers, sweets and...
OK. Let's get above it. Diwali is about the victory over evil. But, who is evil? Gaddafi? Corrupt ministers?
The spiritual gurus will tell you that it is about our inner vices and the devils of ignorance that we breed. I don't deny it, but I'll talk about something practical, which can be readily applied.

Diwali is a social occasion. It is about meeting and greeting people you've lost touch with, and strengthening existing relationships. The most significant event in Hindu mythology that marks the celebration of this festival of lights is the return of Lord Ram after 14 years of Vanvas or banishment. It represents replenishing old relationships that could not be given justice due to the duties (or Dharma) one has to perform. For Lord Ram it was the Dharma of exile i.e. not disobeying his father's (King Dashratha) solemn promise.

Celebrating Diwali is an event much more than a reciprocal exchange of equally valued gifts. It is a day when you strengthen old relationships that have not been given enough time due to the Dharma of life.
Happy Diwali :-)