Saturday, August 6, 2011

There is an innovator in everyone

How did Steve Jobs come up with the idea of Apple? How did Mahatma Gandhi use non-violence to win independence? How did Allied forces get rid of Hitler's tyranny? How did Barça become the best club soccer team the world has ever seen?
Before we try and answer these questions we need to see that before their big victory came after a period of looking inwardly. They looked into themselves and asked one question - "What value am I trying to achieve?" Its helps in identifying the goal. Achieving it means maximizing that value, which leads to innovation. Had allied forces not innovated in technology and economic capacity, we would have lived a different life. Had Gandhi chosen a different path, India may have been a different story. Barça's decision to groom their own players led them to become the best club soccer team. Value can be showing the world how to play great football or being the best footballer.The ambition to maximize it will lead to innovation. But the first step is to look inwardly.