Monday, August 15, 2011

Indian Independence Day - Maximizing it!

In the 65th year of Indian independence, we have a choice to either think about India's glorious past, its freedom fighters, its number one status, cinema or we have a choice to think about a mechanism to build a better future. I can safely say that India has built a very solid foundation, and is continuing to do so with the likes of Anna Hazare. But what next?
This solid foundation with around 60% of population below 35 years means a lot of restless energy. Sadly this restless energy has to be channelized through a country run by old people. There is a discord between the demography of Indian leaders and Indian society. To grow we need to maximize this restless energy and channelize it. The phrase "Lets be practical" has to be dumped. Its time to think Big and think Honest. With some of the country's biggest business tycoons beings tainted with the "Dishonest" tag, the new generation has to think clean and still maintain the "Big Dream". Its a time to maximize our potential in our respective areas, be it social work, entrepreneurship, research or education. The best example to achieving this big dream is that of Steve Jobs. Garside at the Guradian (U.K.) says
Back in 1997, when Jobs returned to the firm he had co-founded and then been ousted from, Apple was near bankruptcy. It languished in 273rd position in Fortune's 500 largest US companies listing, which ranks by revenues rather than capitalisation. And it was worth just $2bn, beaten into submission by Microsoft's operating system and the Dell and Hewlett Packard PCs that ran it.
Things hardly improved overnight. But then the first iMacs arrived, in rainbow colours and bubble casings that combined the computer's processing unit and screen in one sleek package. In 2001 the first iPods appeared. By 2006, the year before the original iPhone, Apple was valued at $60bn. Four years and a mobile phone revolution later, in May 2010, the company's market capitalisation had overtaken that of Microsoft. Now there is just Exxon left to beat.
Steve Jobs is simply maximized his dream. He is prepared to die for it. Do you have such a dream? Are you willing to sacrifice for it? Its not about Slumdog millionaire, but it is a call to all Indian dreamers to take the first step of their adventure for maximizing their dream. Jai Ho!