Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why Soaps can't become Shampoos?

The involvement level of a person buying a soap is low. This assumption led to marketers focusing on peripheral cues while advertising the soap. The ads focus on the pleasurable effects of soap, celebrities endorsers and the glory of a soap. The fact is that it gives little respect to the soap and the consumer.
For shampoos fate had a little more respect. While selling it marketers paid greater attention to its ingredients. It was on the premise that a consumer was more involved while buying a Shampoo. Hence there was a greater focus on central cues. And like sheep advertisers followed the same assumption. It was never challenged. The cover of Soap never intended to give it respect and it never got it too. It never conveyed information about the product in a manner that could be easily read and understood. Moreover the cover was thrown as soon as the soap got out. Soap was hence never understood by the consumer. True Brand Loyalty thus can never exist for the poor misunderstood soap. To give birth to "True Brand Loyalty" for the soap marketers need to give consumer that extra sperm that will stay. It will carry product information like genes and DNA and reproduce into the healthy child called as "Brand Loyalty". The problem today is that packaging of Soap is like a condom. Once the Soap comes out its of no use. And like wise creatures (debated) marketers still write about the product only on that piece of condom.
The bottom line is that if your product is a low involvement purchase for your consumer, long term success lies in increasing the level of involvement in it.