Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lust and Art

Black Swan and Winter's bone are probably two of the finest movies I've seen in the last 12 months. There may be nothing great about their stories, but it is pure finese, the work of a magnanimous and crafty artist that has made these two movies a worth watch. Infact their nominations for the academy awards were not surprising to me. This pure art has obviously sold itself. The same goes for Apple iPad. All Apple needs to do is anounce the date of release. Over time the craftmanship of an artist finds its loyal fans; a cult that derives pleasure in experiencing the art. And, this is not a product that is being brought for social or esteem needs. Its a lower order need, similar to thirst, food or sex, a kind of lust that makes people want more of the artist. Apple has done that successfully by keeping up its tradition of producing masterpieces. You just never get bored and by the day you seem to want it even more.
Woman is also a work of art. Look at Natalie Portman's eyes. You can keep on looking at them without getting bored.