Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bad Advertising to Brand Loyalty

Bad advertising ain't that bad actually. Advertising is about building a positive attitude towards your brand. Bad ads did affect in the a bygone era [Remember Burger King ad - "Where's the Herb ?"  (1986)]. Now the scene is quite different. Even if you spend millions on an advertising campaign you'd still find people saying, "Do you really have an ad on TV". Thats clutter.
There are so many ads on TV that only the best ads make into the minds of consumers. Most of them are lost airtime. But yes people also talk about the worst ads. But, we only spend money on making a good ad. Sadly, the story ends there. It does not make an impression on the consumer. All the hard work, creativity, message strategy just goes down the drain. Bad ads on the other hand have articles and cases written on "how not to do things". So if you can't come in the list of "How to do things", you can try to be the pioneer in the do-not's list. People will recognize your brand with a bad advertisement. And yes, it builds BRAND LOYALTY.
The consumers go to the supermarket to buy a product and they find your brand. They say, "Well lets give it a try" and Yipee!!! From getting a space in the minds of the consumer to coming in their consideration set, you've nailed it. Its like the "Bad Boy" fantasy of women. When they find out that the bad boy is good too, they wanna settle down and get married. There you are - Brand loyalty. So a bad ad ain't that bad after all. All you wanted was brand loyalty and you got it by taking the bad ad route.
But, there are practical problems too. The ad agency you've hired does not want to make a fool of itself and loose accounts. So they'll always try to make a good ad and end up making a mediocre one. Atleast they don't loose the account. If your company can convince them to make bad ads to catch some space in consumers minds, you've taken the bad ad route to build brand loyalty. The biggest advantage is the ad agency guys would be more than involved since your request is one of its kind. Their enthusiasm would translate into a bad ad thats gets a piece of consumers mind and there you are.
Thats why I say, "Not all that rots is actually rotten"