Saturday, December 25, 2010

This Christmas, The Chef is leaving - but what are the people crying for?

Chef worked at the "Corporate Bite" for 15 years. He is bored and will be leaving the guys at corporate bite to join the super adventure club. His colleagues, some with a white French beard, some with droopy shoulders and others with a paunch are crying, because he is leaving. Are they crying because they'll miss him? Probably not.
Last month, the waiter left Corporate Bite after working for 17 years to join "The Big Corporate Bite" for a fatter package.
His colleagues are crying because Chef is finally doing what he wanted to. This Christmas, the chef will follow the dream he had been nurturing since an eternity. They are crying because they don't have the guts to leave a comfortable life to go pursue their dream. The Chef is leaving the "Corporate Bite" to start his own venture. What are you waiting for ?
Merry Christmas :)