Monday, December 13, 2010

Is your product a family festival?

We normally celebrate festivals with family and friends and that makes these occasions engaging. Mint reports 
I think what we’ve found is that when you can use products with your friends and your family and the people you care about they tend to be more engaging,” ~Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder)
In an interview with the CBS show “60 Minutes.
Is your product something that people would like to talk about with family and friends? Is your product worth building a community on which people can talk, share knowledge, share emotions? Do they have stories to tell that involve your product?
These come naturally to some cult products like the Royal Enfield. It also comes naturally to countries, sports and festivals. And it is quite natural that your new product will not have such communities revolving around it. Thus it becomes important to evaluate your marketing program and check whether it has the potential to build a community. Such communities make the product engaging and spread positive word of mouth
The important question is - "Is your product a festival to be celebrated ?"