Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gay Business Travel

Wouldn't a Gay business travel be similar to a non-gay business travel? May be not.
Quite strangely or co-incidentally, gays and lesbians are over-represented in many professions. Technology, financial services and travel industry have an over-representation.
These industries normally require more travel than others and this has lead to a certain set of habits of Gays worth knowing about. Although Gay Business travel is not radically different from a normal business travel, they have their own side to it.

The difference lies in destinations. Although the top first business travel spot in the United States is Washington D.C., Gay business travel is directed more towards San Francisco, because there is great opportunity for Gays and Lesbians in San Francisco. 
Gay Business Travelers extend their business trip into a leisure trip by adding a few days in the calendar.
Gay and Business travelers are more likely to be brand loyal to airlines, hotels etc. This is so because they see them as Gay-friendly.

This makes good sense for businesses especially hotels. Thus, if you have Gay customers, it is important to know your Gay customer, because there is significant revenue associated to it.

For more information, try reading Chicago Tribune's news story