Monday, November 29, 2010

Bad Mood and Shopping behavior

Mood affects the way we shop. Research has proven that we make better decisions in a good mood. But how does bad mood affect shopping ?
When we are in a bad mood we do things to enhance our mood. Shopping is a mood lifting exercise.
So to get out of our bad mood, we go shop. But to enhance our mood we sometimes, in fact every time overdo the shopping thing. The current lifestyles don't help either. Friends and family are generally busy with work. Hence the earning individual is alone. So he or she goes out shopping alone. To change mood, an individual can also go out for dinner, but the loneliness accompanied by bad mood takes him or her for shopping excursions. But is this a western phenomena ? Well, it could be. It has been shown that Americans get into relationships early in life to get over their loneliness. Loneliness (absence of companionship) is a common thing today. Hence, the bad mood unnecessary shopping syndrome is quite pronounced for them and retailers end up with bonuses.
In the case of good mood, we tend to do things that keep our mood the same way. We will do anything to protect our good mood. And thus we go shopping (Loneliness is there). But good mood means judicial decision making and thus we don't over-shop in a good mood.
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