Monday, September 13, 2010

Life is unfair

Killing trust is equal to killing people 
and the vice-versa.
I may be in a different mood and probably not in a very hopeful mood as I write this piece. The title probably explains it.

How many times have you been good without the same sentiment being reciprocated ? How many times have you taken care a  person who was insensitive to your needs ?
The answer - Probably once or twice at max.

We trust only those who are sensitive to our needs. And once that is broken, it is hard to trust anybody again. But what happens when it is broken ?  Do you get angry and get back, or do you treat it as a bad dream, a nightmare and move on. The latter is the more sensible option, but then comes the head-heart conflict. Heart relates to the emotional side whereas the head to the sensible side. Heart refuses to believe that you've been hurt whereas the head wants to move on. Heart is hurt, while head says, 'carry on'. This phase can be particularly traumatic for individuals who relinquish the control of their heart.

This explains why people still don't understand why did the planes crash into the world trade center. Where did they go wrong ?
Why did those suicide attackers kill themselves to kill those who were simple happy and kicking. The recent Koran burning controversy where a small evangelical church in the United States said it would go ahead with plans to burn the Koran on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, can be attributed to the same phenomena.
It is understandable that a dastardly attack such as the the one on twin towers would hurt every american and for that matter every human. It is understandable that the heart would be hurt as perpetrators move at large. And when the heart is hurt, it would get back and that explains the US attacks on Afghanistan. In the end everybody looses, leaving a world of mistrust.

This takes me back to our own life. We might be leaders of our own small world some day and thats what makes me say - Lets be sensitive, lets not break trust. Lets mellow down our hearts and let the head prevail. My condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in terror attacks.

Life becomes unfair when heart deals with head. I just hope the language of head prevails and that means I too follow it earnestly. Some people (like the terrorists) don't deserve the heart. Human rights don't count for them because they left the heart a long time back. After all this world leaves little space for heart when it comes to dealing with insensitive people. Its time to make life fair and get the head in.