Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pleasing everyone and seducing someone

How often do we read a complete newspaper article ? How often are we attentive 100% of the time in a class ? How often do we give our 100% to a subject ?
If the prof manages to seduce us he'd have our 100%. If the subject does the same it would have our 100%. And so if for an unattractive yellow paged newspaper article.
There a two elements of seduction. First being the first look. If at the first glance a car does not manage to seduce me, its highly unlikely that through repeated persuasion, the car company will have me buy it. Although in high probability my neighbor might just buy it. Now my neighbor was probably seduced and I was not. Still we have those generic ad campaigns by car companies trying to please us all. I may be pleased, not seduced.
Now that takes me to the second element: Cooperation. [ Original idea by Seth Godin]
I may be pleased but the success of seduction depends on cooperation. How well do I cooperate? The reason behind Facebook or twitter's success is not seduction but also cooperation. Had we not cooperated, a $15+ Billion giant like Facebook would have been a non existent social network. That could probably be the reason behind orkut's failure.
Still... We try to please everybody and end up seducing nobody. And thats why we fail.
Its better we use our resources, our time to seduce someone than please no one.

PS: This PS is a bit of aberration from Einstein's idea of creativity by hiding sources. Quite a bit of this post is influenced by a blog entry entry of Seth Godin. My addition is only the first element of seduction. Just to avoid inconvenience in reading I wrote about my understanding of Seth's idea, which I consider as the second element.