Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Boredom and Weight issues

Life is short, but sometimes it seems
to drag on...
I watch TV, movies or randomly surf the internet reading blogs and other stuff ;) to kill boredom. The thing common in all these three activities is that I eat (rather hog) while I am doing them. Killing boredom means eating more, and more of junk like chips, pizzas, burgers and the lubricating coke. I certainly would not exercise to kill boredom.And this is how it all begins
Stage 1: We get bored. It could be because we worked faster than we thought or didn't feel like working at all.
Stage 2: We think of constructive ways to kill boredom
Stage 3: We fail at the second stage and switch on the TV and after a lot of lazy effort get the chips and coke along.
Stage 4: We succeed at stage 3 and watch a lot of TV, surf unnecessary websites and do a lot of other rubbish things.
Stage 5: The realization that its time we get out of it.
Stage 6: And when we get out of it, the realization that boredom was actually good.
Stage 7: These experiences occur more frequently in a month
And Finally: Time to reduce the 5 kilos gained all this while.
PS: There other creatures who do things I generally hate to do - They go shopping