Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why Indians tweet ? Why do Shashi Tharoor, Modi tweet ?

Did you know that a study showed that 11% of Indians tweet for getting an ego boost. They just simply love updating status. But its OK. I wanna show off my power, status and position by simply updating my status. Now for getting an ego boost a middle aged guy does not need to point a nuclear missile towards a hostile power nor does he need to go to dimly lit bars coochikooing with a young skimpily dressed girl and show other nooclear powers. How easy, how fast and how so simple. All you need to do is to visit the mobile site of a blue bird also called twitter and simply pump in whatever is going on in your mind.
No need for pumping in iron, getting fit or whatever. With that you'll either find a middle aged emotionally unstable woman or somebody few years older perhaps or a dropped jaw watching hot females cosying with athletes. You did not take those dancing classes as a teen and you were busy making B-plans and now you tweet. This is unfair atleast for guys like us. [Please note: All this was a joke. Disclaimer: Any resemblance to anybody dead or alive is purely coincidental]

On a serious note, I am pro mavericks who are unafraid to put their thoughts in the public domain. Atleast finally the poor common man in his trademark cattle class knows what is going on. No manipulation, no censorship and most of all freedom.
I completely disagree with a respected person who advices politicians to think first and tweet later. Think before you act, because lives are involved, but don't think before you tweet. Think aloud and let us listen. Be it your ego boost, doesn't really matter.
As far as I am concerned, I am still figuring out why I tweet. I feel Google Buzz is a better alternative for non-celebs like me. We tweet aka buzz to people we know through email.