Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Unraveling urban life and the person within

Sometimes an urban life and work schedule gives little time to collect our thoughts. We move in the fast lane, a lane fast enough to block the flow of water to a plant that lies deep within. If I may say the urban life consists of the artificial plants that come and go everyday making life almost picturesque. To the outsider it seems like a world that shines. A world that comes out of nowhere, a world just like a movie scene, but then those smiles and tears are only for the flashing cameras.

Searching for the inner plant that breathes can be much of a task in this world. That moment of truth might never come. The moment of revelation seems like a drained old concept but it is that search we try to see through a cup of tea, a walk, a glass of whiskey or for that matter a smoke.
The irony of urban life is that we live in this maze of glittery walls to achieve our desires that keep our inner plant growing, but the shine of this glitter is so immense and overwhelming that our plant ceases to exist. We forget to love those who care, we forget humility and most of all we forget ourselves.