Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rat race & CGPA

I came across this chat between two friends. This shows how we get trapped in a rat race. 

Friend 1: she gave me 7 out of 10 in my interim report
and by the way thats very bad marks
Friend 2: fantastic. Tell her u would've been happy at 6. At 7 you would have been the victor ;-)
tell me one thing on a very serious note. Wht did u expect ??
Friend 1: from her
Friend 2: yes
Friend 1: 9 atleast
i want a A grade in my sip
Friend 2: and is it your boss whoz given u 7 or is it your professor ??
Friend 1: my cgpa will shoot to 7.6
with that
My Boss
if i manages a A my cgpa is 7.5
and rest of my MBA will be in peace
Friend 2: k so u've finally jumped into the rat race
Friend 1: yeah
Friend 2: thats not a good sign buddy. believe me.
Friend 1: but if i had worked for her then i deserve an A grade
Friend 2: I knw u very well. u won't achieve a thing
Friend 1: i had bagged her 2 project
Friend 2: She does not deserve u workin for her.
and she givin u a 7 is a ploy. She wants you 2 bag her 20 projects without givin u a penny. had she given u 9, probably u would'nt have done that. Shez making u her slave
u are getting into slavery coz she has power of ur marks over you. She is misusing it
r u online ??
Friend 1: hey
2:34 AM Friend 2: u've got 2 make her feel u r giving ur best, by putting ur best foot forward ofcourse and telling her that even if she gives u a 7, u don't really care.
Friend 1: no i do care....
Friend 2: thats where people control u.
thats ur weakness. You'll be exploited