Friday, April 23, 2010

Never interrupt your BOSS when he is making a mistake.

Here is some advice. Although please note that I don't follow the advice I give. And you also don't follow it, it can be dangerous, in extreme cases fatal. Just pass it on.
A quote from Napoleon Bonaparte reads, "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake". I just modified it to "Never interrupt your BOSS when he is making a mistake" and here is the story.

Never interrupt your boss when he is making a mistake, let him make it. Wait till you enjoy the forbidden pleasure of being correct. Enjoy the satisfaction of having the upper hand for those few moments when you feel wiser by acting ignorant and stupid to your Boss's mistake. And a few moments later when he has finished his talk, you can start by saying, "Sir, your idea is fabulous but... " And you've made your impression in the meeting. Now that calls for a grand party.

BUT hey! You are not all that wise, you are stupid.
The danger of interruption comes because, before the climax of you supervisor's story, you cannot jump onto conclusions. Maybe you've missed the twist in the story or you've missed the basic premise of the argument.

Napoleon was smart enough to give that quote but unfortunately did not follow it at Waterloo (1815). His enemy was smarter and that proved to be his undoing and could be your's too.
And why have a boss anyway ? Be your own Boss. Have a drink, love your lady and go to sleep.