Thursday, April 22, 2010

IPL Nights, IPL rights, IPL fights and UNITY!

I don't know whether IPL 4 will come or not but there are three things that interested me in IPL, the primary being IPL nights, the smokin hot parties. When I look at these parties, I sometimes complaint to god that why the hell did he not make me taller and broader. Basically all the knights aka cricketers aka greek gods (not all) come at one place. There are pretty looking ambitious females in the most basic of clothes who come to enjoy and there are filthy rich old pathetically looking people who come to capitalize on this union. The IPL night aka chemical reaction (biological rather) is facilitated by alcohol, music and crazy lights (or darkness).
Some reactions take place and the knights get refreshed and some don't and they still get refreshed remember vitamin A. Some raiduchandamamy in turn gets access to some clubs, which he wouldn't have probably dreamed of, old  money wickets get some bones and the rest like us get a lot of gossip. All this for a price ofcourse. The big shampoo company wants to spend heavily to advertise its new shampoo and the big TV company wants a share of it. So it decides to get rights of telecasting the biological reaction. WOW! All make money, sadly not me :-(
IPL fights are a bit more interesting. Somebody has power over VISA and lets an unwanted south african model come and she ofcourse can expose the sexcapades of somebody so another powerful guy tweets, "Hey! Your girl friend too got a stake in "Kuchi Koo". This begins a chain of masala news and the bag of dirt comes out.
In the end, the cricketers have all the fun n money, a rich guy prints a new visiting card saying "owner of Kings Kricket" , Media channels get higher TRPs, hot women get some more money n men, corporates get gossip, and finally the curtains come down.

And where does unity fit in ?
Well, my family sits together everyday and watches IPL. Now thats truly Indian. :-)