Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday traffic jams are less painful

I've been observing this trend in my behavior for the past two weeks. Although I am not very calm when I have to waste an hour or so daily in Traffic jams, the friday ones aren't so painful. The most painful traffic jams are those on Mon, Tue and Wed.
Digging deeper, on Fridays you are quite enthusiastic of the coming weekend and the fri/sat night party. The enthusiasm acts like an anesthesia to the mental agony of a traffic jam.
On the contrary, Monday's traffic jam can take its toll on the mind. It can be the most frustrating experience of the week. You know you've got a long day ahead, lots of meetings, presentations, a filled 'To do' list and 5 more days before your next weekend party. On top of that you've got on helluva car which is crawling because one stupid fellow rammed his truck last night, or two stupids are fighting in the middle of the road or one guy ahead of you drives as if he is drugged. Now thats serious frustration. This kind of frustration can fall governments.

My suggestions:
#1 Try working in companies with flexi-hours. You can either start late and come back home late or start early and come early.
#2 Outsource your frustration. Hire a driver or rent a cab or if you are willing to take public transport, use it.
#3 Car pooling. Let your colleague deal with frustration. It might just up your chances of promotion.
#4 Now this is my personal favourite: Party every day. Your enthusiasm will stay intact. But the party might just loose its charm. And slowly your enthusiasm will also fade away. (This is a short term solution and a long term disaster)
#5 If you get too frustrated, you might get into the habit of procrastination. Others will start feeling frustrated. You become the cause not the victim of frustration.Avoid it.

And finally the most important suggestion. #6 Stop reading my blog and get back to work. You might just loose your job :p