Saturday, April 24, 2010

Frankly speaking, I don't recommend you to be frank

Frankly speaking, I don't recommend you to be frank. What an advice. The self help books or tips to improve kind of books are the ones that give such "great" advices. They tell you to do things that the author's wouldn't themselves do. No great man wrote a book on "How to be great". No marketer gave true tips on good marketing. They simply did their job. Stop reading self help books. But in case you really want self help, read about great people, their work, their actions and their personality. Thats true self help. You can start from wikipedia. Type a leader, a popular person you admire, add "+ Wikipedia" and you'll get good description about their lives. Eg: Picasso + Wikipedia
But yes if you want to oblige publishers, authors, distributors and retailers, go squander your hard earned money on "Self Help Books".