Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Twitter for introverts

Are you afraid to speak in public or to a person about small trivial issues ? Are you hesitant to share your problems ? Do you find it tough to strike conversations with strangers ? Do you find yourself out of words many times ?
Start using twitter.
I was a chatter since childhood. But thats not always the case with people. What I have found is that twitter can be helpful in giving you words and ideas. You are behind the screen. The introversion will slowly go (atleast online) once you start tweeting. You then can build up a repository of ideas, news and opinions you come across through your twitter rendezveous.

Follow these 5 steps to get rid of your introversion through twitter:-
  1. Once you've opened an account, follow the right people (opinion makers)
  2. Use "@" tag to talk to people. Don't hesitate, they won't eat you for a stupid idea
  3. Share your thoughts on trending topics using "#tags", even if they are bane
  4. Do reply your re-tweets. Also retweet some tweets you found good.
  5. Be regular
I somehow feel that introverts have the best ideas, because since they are not talking, they are thinking. If they start tweeting, the lesser mortals like us will have access to great ideas. Who knows, which idea strikes gold. It is of mutual benefit. The introvert starts speaking up and we get to listen to something different.
Introverts can make twitter a gold mine.