Thursday, March 4, 2010


There are people who are loyal to you and you generally confide to them all your personal matters.
In businesses there is a talk, study and research of customer loyalty.
Now here is a market leader, which has manged to create an unreliable image by selling personal and confidential data without permission. It has also created an unhappy customer and triggered a chain reaction of “unreliability”. Now it does not involve the company, but the mindset of a particular employee, but that dents the repute of the company.
In the cut throat market, this trend of unreliability also gives a sorry figure of businesses, but also shows a door for many more. Imagine you selling reliability, when customers have no option but to choose unreliability.
What if a existing company or a start up   advertises “Buy our connection, Buy our Trust”
PS: The experience has been been written by Maneel on his blog.